Pforzheim - the "Golden City". Nestled in the Black Forest, surrounded by the Kraichgau-Stromberg region, that's where you'll find Pforzheim, the heart of the German jewellery and watch industry.

How about a visit to the Jewellery Museum in Reuchlinhaus? Here, gold and glitter from five millennia await you! Or would you rather marvel at the exhibits in the Technical Museum or talk to eyewitnesses at the GDR Museum? In the evenings, we recommend a visit to the Culture House in Osterfeld or Pforzheim Theatre.

How about a walk along the Nagold river and then pretending to be a mountain goat on the high ropes course in the game park?

The hostel in the Dillweißenstein district in the Nagoldtal valley is integrated into parts of a listed building: the ruins of "Rabeneck" Castle. Rabeneck Castle, a lowland castle, was built around 1240 by the lords of Weißenstein and inhabited until 1295.

Nothing but nature: the Westweg ("west way"), a high-altitude walking trail through the Black Forest to Basel, passes our front door. When you open the window, you can hear the babbling of the Nagold. A short time later, the river joins the Enz.

The Burg Rabeneck Youth Hostel team is looking forward to your visit!


Youth Hostel Pforzheim-Dillweißenstein
Burg Rabeneck Pforzheim Youth Hostel

Kräheneckstr. 4
75180 Pforzheim-Dillweißenstein

phone: +49 7231 972660
fax: +49 7231 972661

Katharina Watrin
Sebastian Watrin

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